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artists creating conversations about Jesus

LETOUR Auditions- Monday, August 20th from 3:00-5:00 PM in the CCS Auditorium. All Directors and Current Members must attend. 

General Information

LETOUR is a multi-arts ensemble from Community Christian School in Tallahassee, FL. 

LETOUR strives for a faithful depiction of the broken realities of our time, sharing eloquent testimonies of our culture’s fragmentation in movement, image, music and words,  juxtaposed with graceful reminders of the faith, hope and love that is available through Jesus Christ.*

Our primary audience target is non-Christian, and this drives our repertoire selections and performance venues. We also love to serve the Christian community, and therefore regularly visit churches and other ministry venues in order to join with God's people in glorifying Him, and to inspire young people and adults to catch the vision for creative arts outreach that God has given us!

At Christian venues we often include brief Worldview Reflections shared by LETOUR Members about their performance selections. These Reflections provide insight to audiences about our central "behind-the-scenes" method: "reading" and responding to culture from a Biblical perspective. 


*This sentence is adapted from a quote that fit LeTour! perfectly by Makoto Fujimura, a professional artist who follows Jesus.

Goals of LETOUR

1.    Encourage and train young artists to intentionally apply their artistic talent to advancing the Gospel of the Kingdom in performances that resonate with Resiliant Hope, Unswerving Faith and Extravagant Love.

2.    Lead young artists to develop their craft with excellent technique, expressed through timeless, interesting and relevant repertoire that results in dynamic and impacting performances.

3.    Juxtapose various art forms for greater impact. This is known as "interdisciplinary art" (IDA). LETOUR is a pioneer in IDA at the High School level.

4.    Encourage original, high-quality student work.

5.    Operate with a Gospel DNA and a clear theological vision for reaching this generation for Jesus Christ.

LETOUR Artist Selection Requirements

1.    Strong demonstrated talent in one or two art forms.

2.    A great attitude ("plays well with others", easy to work with, consistent in punctuality and rehearsal attendance, responsible, takes instruction well, etc.)

3.    A strong work ethic.

4.    A strong personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

5.    A strong creative bent toward improvising and creating or curating original art pieces, especially through collaborative brain-storming. Though not technically required for selection, improv/creating is central to the mission of LETOUR and therefore highly prized.



1.    Fall Auditions will be held in August in the CCS Auditorium.

2.    Spring Auditions will be held in May in the CCS Auditorium.

3.    Auditions are judged by LETOUR Directors and Members. Auditions are closed to family and friends not auditioning.

4.    LETOUR fees (see below) will be automatically billed to the parent upon formal acceptance into the group.

5.    LETOUR is technically a high school group, but well-qualified middleschoolers are definitely considered.

6.    See Audition Selection Requirements below.


Audition Requirements

Performance Artists Requirements (actors, dancers, musicians, poets, etc.)

1.    Brief spoken statement by the auditioner expressing their reasons for desiring to be a member of LeTour!

2.    A prepared live performance of no more than 90 seconds before a panel of judges including LETOUR Directors and current Members.

3.    Impromptu improvisation using material provided at the audition.


Visual Artist Requirements (photographers, painters, graphic designers, etc.)

1.    Submission of Portfolio: Three of your best completed works evidencing different styles. 

2.    Visual Artists will be required to present their portfolio in person at the audition in order to explain their creative process.


Crew Requirements (sound, lights, video, social media, marketing, etc.)

1.    Previous experience is very helpful, but not required.

2.    Demonstration of the ability to understand multi-step instructions and function happily in a fast-paced environment.

3.    Intensive training is required of all LETOUR Crew members. Crew training usually takes place early in the school year.


LETOUR Annual Fees

Full Time CCS Students =  $199;  Homeschoolers & CEO students = $249

Overnight Tours and other special events may require a separate fee TBA.