Around the Studio

First Grade Paints the Forest for the Trees

QUEST Class Learns to Draw Everything in the World

These fourth and fifth graders are learning the basics of drawing everything they can see.  They have learned about line, shape, form, contour drawings, and plein air art-making on the playground!

Third Grade Organizes Chaos

Third grade exercises their constructive thinking and collaborative efforts to bring visual order into chaotic situations.

Fourth and Fifth Grade Reclaim Books

The fourth and fifth grade students are recycling old children's books to create themed art books.  Can you guess what some of these are about?

Kindergarten is Art-Smart

Kindergarten has done a beautiful job learning about:


WARM and COOL Colors...


Complementary Colors...

and Positive and Negative Space!

Wildlife Illustrations

First grade learns to pay attention to details while drawing animals.

First Grade Dreams Big

Some of the first grade students finished their wildlife illustrations early, so they used watercolor, oil pastel, and crayon to illustrate their dreams. 

Second Grade Gives a Hoot

Take in two giant eyefuls of these beautiful owls designed by the 2nd grade class!  To create these masterpieces, we learned about using patterns of colors, lines, and shapes to create order and places of interest in our art work.

Some thoughts that were shared during our process:
"Owls remind me of grandparents because they are wise."
"I can use the pattern from my shoe for my owl's belly."
"My owl is stretching on his branch."
"Owls come out at night because they are nocturnal."
"Owls make me think of how God watches over us even when we are sleeping."

If you do not see your owl here, it is probably still in progress!  Your artwork will join the flock as soon as it is complete.

Meet Ms. Henn

Ms. Horak taking art on the road for an interactive art festival.

Ms. Horak taking art on the road for an interactive art festival.

Dear Parents,

My name is Danielle Henn, and I am so excited to join the Community Christian School Faculty as the new Elementary Art Teacher! As a teacher, I encourage my students to create boldly.  To experiment.  To challenge.  To find out.  To get messy, but also to develop high standards of pristine craftsmanship.  I ask them to engage their hands, their hearts, and their heads to craft purposeful works of art.

I feel especially blessed that the creative time your children and I will spend together will be saturated in the truth of God's Word and His love for us.  He has called us into collaboration with Him for the purpose of redeeming our culture, to show the world what His heart looks like.  As Christians, our role in the arts is vital and life-giving.  Your children, my students, are uniquely positioned to serve our world as precious lights on a hill.

Themes present in my artwork and classroom include play, redemption, and ritual.  My students and I work in whatever media best suits our vision.  This magpie approach has equipped me to work as art educator with plenty of mediums up my sleeve: drawing, sculpture, paper crafting, digital painting, collage, watercolor, darkroom photography, wheel throwing, large scale work, art as service, stained glass, collaborative work, installation, performance art, and other media.

Joining the CCS family as a faculty member is a homecoming for me.  I am a proud alumna of CCS!  I went on to graduate with my BA in Studio Art from Florida State University and am now pursuing my MA in Art Education at the University of Florida.  I have worked as an art instructor and curriculum developer with the Eau Gallie Arts District, the Gadsden Arts Center, the Renee Foosaner Education Center, and for special community events.  Now I am privileged to join the Community Christian family once again, and am looking forward to discovering the gifts, talents, and hearts of your children.


Danielle Henn