Teacher Wish List

This year, some families asked us to find out what teachers could be blessed by this summer, either for the classroom or for Professional Development learning.


These families then asked us to share what we found out, in case other CCS families could bless these hard-working teachers who care for our students everyday.


If you would like to participate:


    ● Teachers are listed below by grade level, then by special area.

    ● Teachers emails are linked for questions you may have about an item

    ● Items are linked so you can see or buy them online. 

    ● If you purchase an item for a teacher, please contact Anne Munson, CCS Director of Institutional Development, so that we may thank you and remove the item from this list.


Michele Apple - VPK


     1. Two iPads to keep in my room to use is a listening center, educational games and taking pictures.  

     2. 2x4 table for a science table.  $107  *Need fulfilled

     3. Marble works (marble manipulative), $20

     4. Copernicus School Board Deluxe Magnetic Dry Erase, $240

     5. Drying rack for art work , $100


Christina Brannon - VPK


     1. I have a foam cushion about an inch thick and about 2 feet by 3 feet that I need a cover for.

     2. Also would love some money towards more manipulatives and games for my classroom.


Cheryl Shaw - Kindergarten


     1. I need a cushion to be made for my book nook. It is an odd shape and would need a firm foam core and durable but comfortable solid color fabric. I would like to speak with the person if possible.

     2. I would like to take 3 classes on the Learner's Edge website. I have taken one before and gotten a lot from it. They are $400 per class.

     3. I would like to get an Ozbot for my Kindergarten class. (starter kit $60 and coding stickers $12) *Need fulfilled

     4. I would like 1-2 iPad minis for my Kindergarten class. $300 each

     5. An African american, Asian or Hispanic fisher price style bendable doll house family., $24



Amy Rigsby - 4th Grade


      1. A few (up to 5 or 6 for a small group table) wobble chairs, $70 each


Lori Bouck - Science and Math


     1. Teaching Leaf Model $258

     2. Magnetic Whiteboard DNA Set $18 each (would like to have 15-18 sets to serve the entire class)


Jeanine Post - Spanish


     ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) World Languages and Convention, Nashville, TN, $245 plus lodging

Summit Run Spanish/Latin America learning game, 4 sets, $19-$21 each


Susan Findley - High School English and Public Speaking


     Ipevo Ziggi-HD Plus High-Definition USB Document Camera (CDVU-06IP) USB version $115 and free shipping


Lorna Wolfkill - Athletics


     1. Size 5 soccer balls - any that are "NFHS" approved $39

     2. Basketballs - Spalding TF-1000, 29.5" $54

     3. Court volleyballs - Molten L2 $36

     4. Electric ball pump $32

     5. Handheld ball pumps for coaches to carry with them $11

     6. Scrimmage jerseys - youth and adult sizes - Blue and Red color is great $20 per set of 10


     Professional Development: I will also be taking a course on Sports Management, supporting renewal of my ACSI certification. It has to be a master's level course so it will cost me $1500 if I take the one at FSU. I have already been accepted at FSU to take the course.


Pat Howard - Art


     1. A kiln


Lawson Smith and Educational Services Department Teachers

We would love the following resources to help students with various disabilities do their very best at school....


     We Thinkers (volumes 1 & 2)  - Each volume included a set of 5 books used to help students think socially - especially useful for when a student with Autism is included in a regular general education class.


          Volume 1 $49 for set


          Volume 2 $49 for set


     Great Leaps Reading Fluency Curriculum Along with Language Growth  for Tutoring weak readers $289 ( I would love 3 sets of this!)


Alia Vincent - Educational Services


     1. Osmo Genius Kit, Award-winning hands-on game system, fosters creativity & problem solving skills, $100


Donna Berlinghoff - Elementary Music, Chapel, Computer Lab


     Professional Development:


          FMEA, Florida Music Educators Conference, Tampa FL, January 2018, $145 registration




          American Orff National Conference, Dallas, TX, Nov. 2017, $300 registration, airfare and lodging


     Elementary Music Needs


          Sound Circle Sets $58

          "Best of Shenanigans" Dance Music Booklet - $25

          Remo 100 SeriesKey-Tuned Tubano, Kintekloth, Set of 16 $3,315


          Remo African Collection Key-TunedDjembe - Kinte Kloth $305


          15 piece Orff xylophone set $6,000


          Orff stand $119


          Orff Tables $119


          Bass Bars $1,600


          Chime holder  $36


          Claves $15


          Slit drums $99


          Steel drums $200-$275


          5 piece Ribbon sets  $27 


          Hot Miramba Music - $25



          Classroom Music Rug - The largest one, $2695