Teacher Wish List

If you would like to help these teachers or classes with a special blessing, please consider funding or purchasing them at anytime!

    ● Teachers emails are linked for questions you may have about an item

    ● When possible, items are linked so you can see or buy them online. 

    ● If you purchase an item for a teacher, please contact Anne Munson, CCS Director of Institutional Development, so that we may thank you and remove the item from this list.

Monica Lassiter - Elementary PE

New roof for elementary athletic shed - $1,800

For more information about the estimate for/scope of repairs, contact Jon Post, Facilities, or Linda Morris, Business Office

Karen Crapps - Secondary Office

  1. Electronic thermometer for fast, safe evaluation of student exhibiting fevers - $229 - FULFILLED BY A DONOR!

  2. Literature organizers - about $115 - see example 1, example 2, example 3

Jacob Breman - Secondary Science

  1. High backed desk chair - $112. Mr. Breman has been accepting hand me downs that fall apart by the end of the year. Let’s give him something nice! - FULFILLED BY A DONOR!

  2. “MagLev” Track demo kit with enhanced levitator and 80cm track - $779. Helps students see frictionless motion in both levitation and suspension.

Tabetha Slemp - Secondary Language Arts/Bible

Quiet classroom fan - $55 Such a fan will help keep her traditionally extra warm classroom a little cooler for her and her students. FULFILLED BY A DONOR!

Jon Post - Campus Facilities

  1. 4-5 outdoor picnic tables = $790 each. With the explosive growth of middle and high school, we need to add new tables to the lunch area, and to replace some old ones!

  2. Duct work in secondary school to balance temperature between 2 sixth grade classrooms - $1500

Joshua Eller - Dean of Secondary Students

10 additional staff walkie talkies - $2000 for set of 10. These are needed for additional safety and communication, serving the increase of students at secondary this year.

Mara Eller - Secondary Guidance

Christian Calling Software license for the senior class ($50 each) - &750 This software meshes vocational assessment with motivational gifts from Romans 12.

Dr. Lori Bouck - Secondary Science

Cordless Stereomicroscope - $345 ea (praying for up to 8!. This stereomicroscope will allow students to view larger items such as plants, insects, and rocks.  The cordless feature allows the microscopes to be carried into the field for observations.  We have 3 corded stereomicroscopes.  I would like to build a class set for labs, but any addition to our current supply would be helpful. *for Life Science, Earth/Space Science, Biology, Human Anatomy & Physiology

Ranae Vos - Praise Team Coordinator, Secondary History

  1. JSTOR subscription to do academic, scholarly research for History, English, Science, JREX, and more! The cost to this premier subscription is about $1500/year.

  2. GilderLehrman Teacher Summer Seminar, a one time cost of about $1500.

Christina Brannon - VPK

  1. Small Kids Play Table - $135

  2. 4 Kids Play Table Chairs, 2 red, 2 blue - $63 each

Ashley Bowman - 5th Grade

A basketball for her class to play with at recess - $11 - FULFILLED BY A DONOR!

Amy Dietz - Secondary Math

Dry Erase boards $35 per set (3 sets needed)

Alex Waller - Secondary Math

2 new 4’x6’ whiteboards. $249 each. From Mr Waller: “2 of my 4 current whiteboards are old and absorb the dry erase marker liquid. Writing is VERY difficult to erase and smears BADLY when erasure is attempted. Praying for replacements!”

Cheryl Shaw - Kindergarten

  1. Thermal Laminator - $38 - and film - $11

  2. Bean bag fill - $20

  3. I need a cushion to be made for my book nook. It is an odd shape and would need a firm foam core and durable but comfortable solid color fabric. I would like to speak with the person if possible.

Amy Meyer - 4th Grade

  1. A set of 30 student personal whiteboards - $99

  2. A few (up to 5 or 6 for a small group table) wobble chairs, $70 each - 3 fulfilled, praying for 3 more

Hillary Underwood - LeTour! and Drama

  1. Walkie Talkies for the CCS Theatre Program- $2000 (Set of 10) 

  2. Walkie Talkie Headsets- $350 (Set of 10)

  3. Fuel Pad (Charging Station for  Walkie Talkies)- $120

  4. 10 Usher/Concessions Name Tags (Awards4U)- $95

  5. Velour Rope (3ft, 7in/polished brass/maroon rope- x2) to rope off the downstairs auditorium in the foyer - $120

Vance Rutherford - School Technology

3 computers/laptops made within the last 3-4 years to update our Library Lookup machines. They run about $400 apiece.

Sheri Freeland - Physical Education

FitStep2 Pedometers (set of 30) $359

Lorna Wolfkill - Athletics

  1. Size 5 soccer balls - any that are "NFHS" approved $39 (would like 20)

  2. Basketballs - Spalding TF-1000, 29.5" $55 (would like 12)

  3. Court volleyballs - Molten L2 $36 (would like 20)

  4. Electric ball pump $35

  5. Handheld ball pumps for coaches to carry with them $11 (would like 7)

  6. Scrimmage jerseys - youth and adult sizes - Blue and Red color is great $23 per set of 12 (would like 5 sets)

  7. New uniforms for middle school soccer team ($2250)

  8. New uniforms for high school soccer team ($2250)

  9. Athletic Clearance subscription - $895. This would virtually eliminate all the clearance paperwork for Athletics, Leadership and potentially other extracurricular activities.

  10. Sports teams are doing well this year, so having additional donations (up to $1000) to cover travel expenses would be a blessing!

Melinda Gernhart and Elementary Art

  1. Classroom Keepers 12" x 18" Construction Paper Storage, 10-Slot, White $35

  2. X-ACTO School Pro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener, Blue $25

  3. Rotatrim RC RCM18 18-Inch Cut Professional Paper Cutter/ Trimmer $257

  4. Mini Masters Boxed Set $20

  5. Fiskars 7" Scissors (Set of 6) $28

  6. See other art needs at Mrs. Gernhardt’s Amazon Wish List. You’ll find art books, art supplies, paint, paper, scissors and more!

Lawson Smith and Educational Services Department Teachers

We would love the following resources to help students with various disabilities do their very best at school....

We Thinkers (volumes 1 & 2)  - Each volume included a set of 5 books used to help students think socially - especially useful for when a student with Autism is included in a regular general education class.

          Volume 1 $49 for set

          Volume 2 $49 for set

 Also, a Great Leaps Reading Fluency Curriculum Along with Language Growth  for Tutoring weak readers $289 ( I would love 3 sets of this!)

Alia Vincent - Educational Services

Osmo Genius Kit, Award-winning hands-on game system, fosters creativity & problem solving skills, $80

Mark Williams - Custodian

Commercial Zone 42 gal. Square Commercial Trash Can $125 - Would love to have 2-6

Pat Howard - Art

A kiln - RECEIVED! (Still needs enclosure and electrical work.)

Donna Berlinghoff - Elementary Music, Chapel, Computer Lab           

  1. An 88 key digital keyboard - her old one has keys that short out and no pedal! See for example the Roland FP-30.

  2. Remo 100 SeriesKey-Tuned Tubano, Kintekloth, Set of 16 $4009

  3. Remo African Collection Key-TunedDjembe - Kinte Kloth $330

  4. 15 piece Orff xylophone set $6,291

Sabrina Grubbs - 3rd Grade

Pair of denim bean-bag chairs. - 1 - FULFILLED BY A DONOR!