Teacher Wish List

If you would like to help these teachers or classes with a special blessing, please consider funding or purchasing them at anytime!

    ● Teachers are listed below by grade level, then by special area.

    ● Teachers emails are linked for questions you may have about an item

    ● When possible, items are linked so you can see or buy them online. 

    ● If you purchase an item for a teacher, please contact Anne Munson, CCS Director of Institutional Development, so that we may thank you and remove the item from this list.

Hillary Underwood - LeTour! and Drama

  1. Walkie Talkies for the CCS Theatre Program- $990 (Set of 10) 

  2. Walkie Talkie Headsets- $350 (Set of 10)

  3. Fuel Pad (Charging Station for  Walkie Talkies)- $120

  4. 10 Usher/Concessions Name Tags (Awards4U)- $95

  5. Velour Rope (3ft, 7in/polished brass/maroon rope- x2) to rope off the downstairs auditorium in the foyer - $120

Vance Rutherford - School Technology

  1. 15 - 20 Chromebooks to replace old machines in our middle school Chromebook lab (all students share these, checked out as a class by period). For abut $300 each, CCS purchases specific Chromebook models from a school quality supplier, because of the quality, memory, longer than standard warranties, software licenses we need for schoolwork, etc.

  2. 3 computers/laptops made within the last 3-4 years to update our Library Lookup machines. They run about $400 apiece.

For more information, please contact Vance Rutherford, CCS Technology Director, at vrutherford@myccs.org.

Amy Meyer - 4th Grade

      1. A few (up to 5 or 6 for a small group table) wobble chairs, $70 each - 3 fulfilled, praying for 3 more

Sheri Freeland - Physical Education

  1. FitStep2 Pedometers (set of 30) $359

Lorna Wolfkill - Athletics

  1. Size 5 soccer balls - any that are "NFHS" approved $39 (would like 20)

  2. Basketballs - Spalding TF-1000, 29.5" $55 (would like 12)

  3. Court volleyballs - Molten L2 $36 (would like 20)

  4. Electric ball pump $35

  5. Handheld ball pumps for coaches to carry with them $11 (would like 7)

  6. Scrimmage jerseys - youth and adult sizes - Blue and Red color is great $23 per set of 12 (would like 5 sets)

  7. New uniforms for middle and high school soccer teams ($2250 each team)

  8. New uniforms for volleyball team ($2250)

Melinda Gernhart and Elementary Art

  1. Classroom Keepers 12" x 18" Construction Paper Storage, 10-Slot, White $35

  2. X-ACTO School Pro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener, Blue $25

  3. Rotatrim RC RCM18 18-Inch Cut Professional Paper Cutter/ Trimmer $257

  4. Mini Masters Boxed Set $20

  5. Fiskars 7" Scissors (Set of 6) $28

  6. See other art needs at Mrs. Gernhardt’s Amazon Wish List. You’ll find art books, art supplies, paint, paper, scissors and more!

Lawson Smith and Educational Services Department Teachers

We would love the following resources to help students with various disabilities do their very best at school....

We Thinkers (volumes 1 & 2)  - Each volume included a set of 5 books used to help students think socially - especially useful for when a student with Autism is included in a regular general education class.

          Volume 1 $49 for set

          Volume 2 $49 for set

 Also, a Great Leaps Reading Fluency Curriculum Along with Language Growth  for Tutoring weak readers $289 ( I would love 3 sets of this!)

Alia Vincent - Educational Services

Osmo Genius Kit, Award-winning hands-on game system, fosters creativity & problem solving skills, $80

Mark Williams - Custodian

Commercial Zone 42 gal. Square Commercial Trash Can $125 - Would love to have 2-6

Pat Howard - Art

A kiln - RECEIVED! (Still needs enclosure and electrical work.)

Donna Berlinghoff - Elementary Music, Chapel, Computer Lab           

  1. An 88 key digital keyboard - her old one has keys that short out and no pedal! See for example the Roland FP-30.

  2. Remo 100 SeriesKey-Tuned Tubano, Kintekloth, Set of 16 $4009

  3. Remo African Collection Key-TunedDjembe - Kinte Kloth $330

  4. 15 piece Orff xylophone set $6,291

Cheryl Shaw - Kindergarten

  1. I need a cushion to be made for my book nook. It is an odd shape and would need a firm foam core and durable but comfortable solid color fabric. I would like to speak with the person if possible.

  2. I would like to take 2 classes on the Learner's Edge website. I have taken one before and gotten a lot from it. They are $210 per class.

  3. I would like 1 iPad mini for my Kindergarten class. $315 each

Sabrina Grubbs - 3rd Grade

Pair of denim bean-bag chairs.