Lawson Smith    Educational Services Director

Lawson Smith

Educational Services Director

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CCS desires to bring honor and glory to God by teaching children to faithfully exercise and manage the gifts and talents they have been given. Every student at CCS is encouraged to discover the unique way God is fitting him or her together in the body of Christ for the purpose of co-laboring in the Kingdom of God.

Students who utilize the various supports, services, and programs offered by the Educational Services Department are taught by qualified and devoted staff who provide personal and encouraging support to their students, and maintain regular communication and consultation with both the parents and the classroom teacher(s).  The following supports, services and programs may be recommended or required for students with documented learning differences:

The following grades are capped for students with learning differences for the 2019-2020 school year:

2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th


Accommodation Plan

Because CCS is not a public school, we do not write IEP’s or 504 Plans.  However, an accommodation plan may be developed based upon recommendations documented in the student’s psycho-educational testing and by CCS’s ability to implement the accommodation.  The accommodation plan is developed and managed by the Educational Services Department and is reviewed annually.

No Additional Cost (unless accommodation must be delivered by Educational Services Staff)


Academic Tutoring

Students receive academic assistance and support in a small group setting (2-4 students) with an Educational Services Staff Tutor. Remediation of academic skills, re-teaching, pre-teaching, accommodations implementation, and organizational help are provided during tutoring sessions to help the student grasp and retain the required academic material. Students are pulled out of class 1-3 times per week for 50 minute sessions. Individual tutoring is available at an additional cost for students who require a 1:1 student/tutor ratio.

1 Session per week =    $1300/year

2 Sessions per week =  $2600/year

3 Sessions per week = $3900/year


Resource Instruction

Students receive small group, pull-out instruction daily in a particular core subject area by an Educational Services Resource Teacher. These students are typically working below grade level in Math, Reading and/or Writing. The Resource Teacher plans the instruction, teaches concepts and skills, and provides grades and assessments. Individual resource classes are available at an additional cost for students who require a 1:1 student/teacher ratio.

1 class per year = $3000

2 classes per year = $6000


Compass Program

Students with high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other related disabilities receive strategic interventions through the COMPASS program. Students undergo a functional assessment, program planning, and receive individualized interventions that are grounded in the latest educational and brain research. Social/Communication skills and emotional regulation are developed and supported as students navigate CCS’s general education curriculum. 

$4000 per year


Supported Online Class Instruction

Secondary students with documented learning differences may receive small group, pull-out instruction daily in a core subject area online by an Educational Services resource teacher.  A blended approach to instruction is used in which the CCS resource teacher may pre-teach academic content, assist with assignments/assessments, or review material already covered in the online class.  The online class teacher is the teacher of record, and grades are given by the online teacher.  The CCS resource teacher serves as a daily tutor for material covered in the online course.  Supported online instruction is reserved for secondary students only. 

1 class per year = $3000

2 classes per year = $6000


PLEASE NOTE:   Tutoring, resource classes, and supported online instruction classes are taught in a group setting of 2-4 students.  Individualized instruction classes are available at an additional cost for students who require a 1:1 student/teacher ratio. for the 20