Headmaster Search

It is both a joy and an honor to welcome David Pinson as the new Headmaster of Community Christian School. This has been a long journey for what might could have been an obvious choice, but God used the journey to prepare us to recognize and receive his abundant provision.

There are many credentialed candidates but none that know CCS and this community specifically. None that know firsthand what God has brought this school through and who we really are, in order to best lead us going forward. During this search we watched God make clear the value of that firsthand experience. During this time we got to observe David already doing the job (as interim headmaster) and doing it well. During this time we got to observe David’s vision for our school and a team rallying with him. During this time we got to see God answer our prayers for clarity and unity.

As we reached out and considered candidates from other schools and other states, we realized that we already had the most qualified candidate right here. This search process has not been quick or easy, but it brought clarity and unity to the Committee’s recommendation and the Board’s selection of David Pinson as our Headmaster. I am excited for the future of CCS and to welcome David as our Headmaster. 

Ed Wynn
Chair of the Headmaster Search Committee

To download a copy of School Board President Rynne Gentry's letter to the CCS Family, click here.