In the I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist seminar, we answer four major questions to establish why Christianity is the most reasonable worldview. With time for Q&A, this seminar will be especially helpful to parents, teachers, college students, and students preparing for college.  

  1. Does Truth Exist?
    Christianity cannot be true, nor can any other worldview (including atheism), if truth is relative or just true for you but not for me. The seminar will show you why truth is absolute and knowable, and how you can logically refute anyone who claims it isn’t.
  2. Does God Exist?
    There can be no Word of God unless God exists. You’ll see three powerful arguments for the existence of God — two scientific and one philosophical. Those arguments will be established without any reference to the Bible.
  3. Are Miracles Possible?
    If miracles don’t happen as most university professors believe, then Christianity is nonsense. The seminar will show you that not only are miracles possible, but the greatest miracle of all has already occurred and we have scientific evidence for it.
  4. Is The New Testament True?
    Unless truth exists, God exists, and miracles are possible, the New Testament doesn’t have a prayer. But after establishing those points, you’ll see the Top Five Reasons to believe the New Testament is historically accurate — Jesus really did die and rise from the dead for the sins of the world. From the accuracy of the New Testament, the accuracy of the Old Testament can be established as well.

Speaker: Dr. Frank Turek, Author, Apologist, Cultural Commentator, National Speaker, President and CEO of  Dr. Turek presents powerful and entertaining evidence for Christianity at churches, high schools and at secular college campuses that often begin hostile to his message.

Date, Time: Tuesday, October 25, 6:30-8:30 pm

Sponsored by: Community Christian School, Thrivent, Advanced Dental Care

Location: Community Christian School Auditorium, 4859 Kerry Forest Pkwy, Tallahassee, FL 32309

Cost: $5 per person, general admission at the door.

Please arrive at least 30 minutes early to park/purchase tickets. Overflow parking available at Four Oaks Community Church, and Congregation Shomrei Torah.