So Mash-Ups Are a Good Thing?

I wasn't clear about the whole "mash-up" thing. Some LeTour! members were getting excited about how we could create "mash-ups" as part of the ensemble repertoire for the fall season...but I was still back on: "What's a mash-up"? Sounded like a mistake, something to be earnestly avoided, and certainly not pursued with vigor.

As most of you probably already know (since most of my readers are 'hipper' than I), a mash-up is actually the blending of two or more songs into one piece for performance. Sort of like a medley, but not necessarily in sequence, and sometimes overlapping one another.

As I pondered this in the midst of the joyous cacophony of a typical LeTour! repertoire meeting with the directors and artists, I was struck with the sense that this is exactly what we are doing in this inaugural year of the secondary ensemble we call LeTour!: creating mash-ups not just of different songs, but of different art forms, so that the overall impact is greatly heightened.

In LeTour! you will find dance, the spoken word, vocal and instrumental music, photography, painting and even film co-existing in the same performance space in real-time.

It might be helpful at this point to see an example of an arts mash-up, this one from Blackhawk Church, one of the few churches in America that is embracing the arts as a powerful vehicle to reach this culture we swim in.

So now you have a better idea of what LeTour! is after: maximum impact through the blending of art forms so contemporary audiences will be moved to start conversations...hopefully about Jesus!

Please mark your calendars for November 7 at 7:00pm, when LeTour! along with special guest Mrs' Bowling's Dance Troupe will present it's premiere performance.

It's your chance to become even 'hipper' than you are now!


(Wait--does anybody even use that word anymore...