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Saturday, March 29th

Riders/Walkers should be there by 9:30am


The deadline to register is Wednesday March 26th.


Who can participate?

Any K-12 student, parent, or alumni.


What will students do in the Parade?

Students in grades K-5th will sit on a 40 foot flatbed trailer; some in chairs and some on the floor, so all their faces can be seen! There is seating for approx. 80.  Elementary students must have a parent accompanying them.  (Parent can walk or ride.)  

Regarding walkers, the parade has a limit of 30 per float.  Students in grades 6th - 12th will be handing out over 10,000 beads that were donated to CCS to over 70,000 spectators watching the parade!  First come, first served for the walkers too!


Where to meet before the parade?

TBD, you will be contacted by email once we receive our parade starting location.


What to wear?

Elementary students should wear chapel shirts and Secondary students should wear a CCS sports uniform or a CCS shirt (preferably Navy or White).  Parents should wear a Navy CCS shirt if they have one.


Where to pick up your student?

Pick up is in the Civic Center parking lot.


We would love to have many volunteers help decorate.  Please sign up if you are interested.  It's a great way to get your volunteer hours in!!  Thank You!